• 22–1-Sm


  • 22–1a-Sm

    Defective reprint of 22–1a-Sm, lacking pp. 17 & 18.

  • 22–1b-Sm

    Reprint of 22–1a-Sm.

  • 22–1c-BR

    Reprint of 22–1b-Sm with modified TP, published by Brandus.

  • 22–1d-BR&D

    Titelauflage of 22–1c-BR, published by Brandus et Dufour.

  • 22–1d*-BR

    Reprint of 22–1d-BR&D, published by Brandus.

  • 22–1e-BR

    Reprint of 22–1d*-BR.

  • 22–1(Orch)-Sm

    FFE published by M. Schlesinger July 1837 (CH-Bjaeger copy); Brandus reprint c. 1877 (date based on printer’s imprint in FL of version 2 of Timpani part; GB-Lbl copy).

  • 22–1-B&H


  • 22–1a-B&H

    Reprint of 22–1-B&H with modified TP.

  • 22–1b-B&H

    Titelauflage of 22–1a-B&H.

  • 22–1c-B&H

    Corrected reprint of 22–1b-B&H.

  • 22–2-B&H

    Lithographic transfer of second edition (of which engraved original has not been located although it obviously existed: see 22–2b-B&H).

  • 22–2a-B&H

    Titelauflage of 22–2-B&H.

  • 22–2b-B&H

    Corrected reprint of 22–2a-B&H with ITP and engraved music text.

  • 22–2c-B&H

    Lithographic transfer of 22–2b-B&H with STP.

  • 22–2d-B&H

    Reprint of 22–2c-B&H with modified TP (derived from 22–1b-B&H).

  • 22–2e-B&H

    Reprint of 22–2d-B&H with STP.

  • 22–1(Orch)-B&H

    GFE: orchestral parts.

  • 22–1a(Orch)-B&H

    Reprint of 22–1(Orch)-B&H.

  • 22–1-W

    Reprint of EFE (of which no copy has been located).

  • 22–1a-W

    Titelauflage of 22–1-W.

  • 22/AndanteSpianato–1b-W

    Separate edition of Andante Spianato with music text as in 22–1a-W.

  • 22–1c-A&P

    Ashdown & Parry lithographic transfer c. 1866 of an unlocated Wessel impression from c. 1856–60; comparison with 22–1a-W reveals numerous modifications.

  • 22/AndanteSpianato–1d-A&P

    Engraved reprint of Andante Spianato based on 22–1c-A&P with modified TP (derived from 22/Andante Spianato–1b-W).

  • 22–1e-A&P

    Corrected Titelauflage of 22–1c-A&P.

  • 22/AndanteSpianato–1e*-A&P

    Engraved reprint of Andante Spianato based on 22–1e-A&P.

  • 22–1f-A&P

    Reprint of 22–1e-A&P.

  • 22/AndanteSpianato–1g-A&P

    Engraved reprint of Andante Spianato based on 22–1f-A&P.