• 11–1-Sm


  • 11–1a-Sm

    Reprint of 11–1-Sm.

  • 11–1b-Sm

    Reprint of 11–1a-Sm with modified TP.

  • 11–1c-BR

    Reprint of 11–1b-Sm with modified TP under new ownership.

  • 11–1d-BR

    Reprint of 11–1c-BR with modified TP.

  • 11–1d*-BR

    Reprint of 11–1d-BR.

  • 11–1e-BRg

    Titelauflage of 11–1d*-BR, published by G. Brandus.

  • 11–1e*-BR

    Reprint of 11–1e-BRg, published by Brandus.

  • 11–1f-BR

    Reprint of 11–1e*-BR.

  • 11–1(Orch)-Sm

    FFE: orchestral parts.

  • +11–1-KI

    GFE with decorative TP (text printed in sepia; octagonal background with cross-hatching adjacent wavy lines phased in mutual opposition printed in blue).

  • 11–1a-KI

    Corrected reprint of +11–1-KI with another decorative TP (text printed in black; background features ornamental green medallion in shape of sun).

  • 11–1a*-KI

    Reprint of 11–1a-KI with modified TP.

  • 11–1b-KI

    Reprint of 11–1a*-KI with modified TP.

  • 11–1(Orch)-KI

    GFE: orchestral parts.

  • 11–1a(Orch)-KI

    Lithographic transfer of 11–1(Orch)-KI.

  • 11–1-W

    Reference on TP to Op. 3 (published 1836) indicates either that 11–1-W is reprint of EFE or that it was much delayed (possibly because of Fontana’s involvement).

  • 11–1*-A&P

    Ashdown & Parry corrected Titelauflage c. 1864 of an unlocated Wessel impression from c. 1856–60; comparison with 11–1-W reveals numerous modifications.

  • 11–1**-A&P

    Corrected reprint of 11–1*-A&P.

  • 11–1a-A&P

    Titelauflage/lithographic transfer of 11–1**-A&P.

  • 11–1b-A&P

    Reprint of 11–1a-A&P.

  • 11–1c-A&P

    Reprint of 11–1b-A&P.