• 7–1-Sm


  • 7–2-BR

    Second edition with modified TP (derived from 7–1-Sm), published by Brandus with original plate number but updated prefix.

  • 7–2a-BR

    Titelauflage of 7–2-BR.

  • 7–2b-BR

    Reprint of 7–2a-BR.

  • 7–1-KI


  • 7–1a-KI

    Reprint of 7–1-KI with modified TP and additional mazurka (cf. 6–1a-Sm).

  • 7–1b-KI

    Reprint of 7–1a-KI.

  • +7–2-KI

    Second edition with modified TP (derived from 7–1a-KI) printed in sepia.

  • 7–2-KI

    Reprint +7–2-KI with modified TP printed in sepia.

  • 7–2a-KI

    Reprint of 7–2-KI in 6-leaf format.

  • 7–3-KI

    Third edition with new TP (printed in black) similar to that of +7–2-KI apart from price, omission of full stop after ‘Kistner’, as well as minor differences in style and size of letters.

  • 7–4-KI

    Fourth edition.

  • 7–5-KI

    Fifth edition.

  • 7–6-KI

    Sixth edition.

  • 7–6a-KI

    Titelauflage/lithographic transfer of 7–6-KI.

  • 7–6b-KI

    Reprint of 7–6a-KI with modified TP.

  • 7–1-W


  • 7–1a-W

    Corrected reprint of 7–1-W, produced as part of series ‘L’Amateur Pianiste’.

  • 7–1b-W

    Titelauflage of 7–1a-W.

  • 7–1c-W

    Reprint of 7–1b-W.

  • 7–1d-W

    Reprint of 7–1c-W.

  • 7–1e-W

    Reprint of 7–1d-W.

  • 7–1f-W

    Reprint of 7–1e-W.

  • 7–1g-W

    Reprint of 7–1f-W.

  • 7–1h-W

    Reprint of 7–1g-W.

  • 7–1h*-W

    Reprint of 7–1h-W.

  • 7–1i-W

    Corrected reprint of 7–1h*-W with additional mazurka.

  • 7/1–1i*-W

    Separate edition of Op. 7 No. 1 derived from an unlocated Wessel impression post-dating 7–1i-W.

  • 7–1j-A&P

    Ashdown & Parry lithographic transfer c. 1868 of an unlocated Wessel impression post-dating the impression from which 7/1–1i*-W was extracted; comparison with 7–1i-W and 7/1–1i*-W reveals numerous modifications.

  • 7–1k-A&P

    Titelauflage of 7–1j-A&P with newly engraved p. 3.

  • 7–2-Ae

    Second edition, with original plate number but updated prefix, published by Edwin Ashdown.