• Posth–1-MEIf

    FFE of Chopin’s posthumous works published without opus number in single volume.

  • Posth–1a-COM

    Reprint of Posth–1-MEIf, published by Compagnie Musicale.

  • Posth–1b-GE

    Condensed reprint of Posth–1a-COM, published by E. Gérard et Cie.

  • Posth–1c-GE

    Reprint of Posth–1b-GE.

  • Posth–1-Sam

    GFE published in single volume (with 74 leaves) and probably also in separate editions.

  • Posth–1a-Sam

    Condensed reprint of Posth–1-Sam.

  • Posth–1b-Sam

    Reprint of Posth–1a-Sam.

  • Posth–1b*-Sam

    Reprint of Posth–1b-Sam.

  • Posth–1c-Sam

    New version of volume containing different portrait of Chopin, oldest known impression of fourth edition of Op. 66, and reprints of 67–1-Sam, 68–1-Sam, 69–2a-Sam, 70–1-Sam, 71/1–2-Sam, 71/2–1-Sam, 71/3–1-Sam, 72–1-Sam and 73–1-Sam.