• 74/6–1-FR

    PFE of Op. 74 No. 6, published by Friedlein.

  • 74/10&1–1-KO

    Reprint of PFE of two songs (Op. 74 Nos. 10 & 1) engraved and printed in Leipzig.

  • 74/10–1a-KO,74/1–1a-KO

    Corrected reprint of 74/10&1–1-KO in separate editions with modified TP and volume pagination.

  • 74/10&1–1b-KO

    Reprint of 74/10–1a-KO, 74/1–1a-KO (piano part) in volume.

  • 74–1-G

    PFE of entire opus engraved and printed for Gustaw Gebethner i Spółka by A. M. Schlesinger.

  • 74–1a-G

    Reprint of 74–1-G with modified TP.

  • 74–1b-G

    Titelauflage/reprint of 74–1a-G in separate editions.

  • 74–1c-G

    Corrected reprint of 74–1a-G with modified TP.

  • 74–1d-G

    Reprint of 74–1c-G with modified TP (derived from 74–1b-G) and additional 17th song, published by A. M. Schlesinger.

  • 74–1e-G

    Reprint in separate edition(s)/lithographic transfer of 74–1d-G with modified TP derived from 74–1b-G/74–1d-G.

  • 74–1f-G

    Reprint of 74–1e-G.

  • 74–1-Sam


  • 74–1a-Sam

    Reprint of 74–1-Sam in separate editions.

  • 74–1b-Sam

    Reprint of 74–1-Sam with modified TP.

  • 74–1c-Sam

    Reprint of 74–1b-Sam in separate editions.

  • 74–1d-Sam

    Reprint of 74–1c-Sam.

  • 74–1e-Sam

    Reprint of 74–1c-Sam with lithographed TP.

  • 74–1f-Sam

    Titelauflage of 74–1b-Sam published after 1864 (when R. Lienau acquired Schlesinger’s publications; Deutsch 1961: 21) and commercially available until second edition (plate numbers S. 6669 & S. 6670) appeared in 11–12/1872 (MlM).

  • 74–1g-Sam

    Reprint of 74–1f-Sam in separate editions.

  • 74–1h-Sam

    Reprint of 74–1f-Sam in separate edition(s) with lithographed TP.

  • 74–1i-Sam

    Lithographic transfer of 74–1f-Sam.

  • 74–1j-Sam

    Reprint of 74–1i-Sam in separate editions.

  • 74–1-LW


  • 74–1*-LW

    28-leaf version of 74–1-LW in which STP is duplicated.

  • 74–1a-LW

    Reprint of 74–1-LW in separate editions.

  • 74–1b-LW

    Reprint of 74–1*-LW with modified TP.

  • 74–1c-LW

    Reprint of 74–1b-LW.

  • 74–1-H


  • 74–1a-H

    Lithographic (?) transfer of 74–1-H.

  • 74–1a*-H

    Engraved reprint of 74–1a-H with modified TP.

  • 74–1b-H

    Lithographic (?) transfer of 74–1a*-H.

  • 74–1c-H

    Reprint of 74–1b-H with modified TP and newly engraved, registrally transposed version of Nos. 1, 4, 6, 7, 11, 15 & 17 (35 pages in total).

  • 74–1d-H

    Reprint of 74–1c-H with modified TP.

  • 74–1e-H

    Reprint of 74–1d-H with modified TP.

  • 74–1f-H

    Reprint of 74–1e-H with modified TP.

  • 74–1g-H

    Reprint of 74–1f-H in separate edition(s) with TP derived from 74–2-H.

  • 74–1h-H

    Reprint of 74–1g-H.

  • 74–2-H

    Second edition published in separate editions with new plate numbers.

  • 74/14–3-H

    Separate edition of Op. 74 No. 14 published in ‘Le Figaro’ of 22/10/1879.