• 42–0-P

    Proof of FFE corrected by Chopin and sent to Breitkopf & Härtel (KFC, letter of 18/6/1840).

  • 42–1-P


  • 42–1a-P

    Reprint of 42–1-P.

  • 42–1b-P

    Reprint of 42–1a-P with modified TP.

  • 42–1a*-P

    Reprint of 42–1a-P.

  • 42–1-B&H

    GFE derived from 42–0-P.

  • 42–1a-B&H

    Reprint of 42–1-B&H with modified TP.

  • 42–2-B&H

    Second edition.

  • 42–2a-B&H

    Titelauflage of 42–2-B&H.

  • 42–2b-B&H

    Lithographic transfer of 42–2a-B&H.

  • 42–2c-B&H

    Corrected reprint of 42–2b-B&H.

  • 42–2d-B&H

    Reprint of 42–2c-B&H with modified TP derived from 42–2a-B&H.

  • 42–2e-B&H

    Reprint of 42–2d-B&H with modified FL.

  • 42–1-W

    EFE or reprint of EFE.

  • 42–1a-W

    Reprint of 42–1-W.

  • 42–1b-W

    Reprint of 42–1a-W.

  • 42–1c-W

    Reprint of 42–1b-W.

  • 42–1c*-A&P

    Ashdown & Parry lithographic transfer c. 1868 of an unlocated Wessel impression from c. 1856–60; comparison with 42–1c-W reveals numerous modifications.

  • 42–1d-A&P

    Titelauflage of 42–1c*-A&P.

  • 42–2-Ae

    Second edition, with original plate number but updated prefix, published by Edwin Ashdown.