The Annotated Catalogue of Chopin’s First Editions presents the most ambitious and comprehensive research ever carried out on the first editions of Chopin’s music. It includes an in-depth study of these unique sources and the publishing practices that gave rise to them. A detailed description is provided of each Chopin first edition and the later impressions produced by the original publishers or their successors. The catalogue facilitates identification of the Chopin scores held in libraries and private collections around the world by attempting to reconstruct the creative history of each edition. It features entries on c. 1,600 distinct impressions (of which some 5,300 copies are individually described), along with explanatory essays, appendices and reference material.

Annotated Catalogue Online (ACO) is a revised and considerably expanded version of the Annotated Catalogue of Chopin’s First Editions, which Christophe Grabowski and John Rink brought out in 2010 with Cambridge University Press. The flexibility of the online environment means that the information in ACO can regularly be updated. Institutions and private collectors who own exemplars of impressions which are not accounted for in the current catalogue are requested to make contact with ACO so that details of the material can be added.