OCVE signed licence agreements or otherwise obtained permission from the various supplying institutions and private collectors to display the digital images in the online collection. According to the standard agreement, and as a rule of thumb, copyright in the digital images supplied by a given institution or collector is owned by the latter, whereas OCVE owns the database rights in the OCVE resource. (Note that the rights to OCVE material taken from the Annotated Catalogue of Chopin’s First Editions are held by the authors thereof.) Users will find copyright notices above each of the images displayed in OCVE, and should they wish to reproduce any images in full or in part they must first seek the express permission of the supplying institution or other designated copyright holder. (OCVE cannot offer any assistance in this regard.) As for the textual material within OCVE, normal scholarly citation is of course acceptable, provided that full attributions are given in accordance with bibliographic conventions.