IV. Uncatalogued Works

Compositions in the following categories have not been included in this catalogue: those published posthumously after 1878, those attributed to Chopin, and those of doubtful authenticity in other respects. The list below gives the titles of these works; the codes assigned to them by Chomiński and Turło (1990) or, in cases where no such code exists, the page number on which relevant details can be found in their catalogue; and information about respective first editions. Note that in three cases the ‘first edition’ consists of a facsimile of a manuscript. The list excludes the following: a composition by Charles Mayer entitled Souvenir de Pologne. Mazurka pour piano Op. 112, published in Paris in 1849 by S. Richault and described by Chomiński and Turło (1990: 249) as a Mazurka in F# major or F major; the mazurka melody (with accompanying text) that Chopin notated in the album of Vaclav Hanka, first published in 1879 (see Chomiński and Turło 1990: 134); and the various facsimile editions of Chopin’s sketches published over the years (for details see Chomiński and Turło 1990: 238–241 & 248). 

    Bourrées in G major and A major (Ch&T, p. 248): London, Schott, 1968

    Cantabile in B major (Ch&T 9): Warsaw, Muzyka, 1931

    Contredanse in G- major (Ch&T, p. 245): Cracow, Ilustrowany Kurier Codzienny, 1934 (facsimile of manuscript)

    Fugue in A minor (Ch&T, p. 238): London, Metzler & Co., 1898; Leipzig, B&H; New York, Schirmer, 1899

    Largo in E- major (Ch&T 49): Warsaw, Towarzystwo Wydawnicze Muzyki Polskiej, 1938

    Mazurka in A- major from album of Maria Szymanowska (Ch&T 104): Warsaw, Gebethner & Wolff, 1930

    Mazurka in B- major dedicated to Alexandrine Wołowska (Ch&T 103): Lvov, Lamus, 1909

    Mazurka in D major (Ch&T, p. 249): Warsaw, Kurier Warszawski, 1910 (facsimile of manuscript)

    Moderato cantabile in E major (Ch&T 107): Warsaw, Świat, 1910

    Nocturne in A major (Ch&T, pp. 249250): London, Lonsdale, 1851

    Nocturne in C# minor (Ch&T, p. 250): Moscow, Muzgiz, 1949

    Polonaise in A- major (Ch&T 161): Warsaw, Gebethner & Wolff, 1901

    Polonaise in B- major (Ch&T 160): Warsaw, Chojecki, 1910

    Polonaise in B- minor (Ch&T 164): Leipzig, B&H, 1879

    Presto con leggerezza (Ch&T 191): Geneva, Henn, 1919

    Song ‘Czary’ (Ch&T 146): Leipzig, B&H, 1910 (facsimile of manuscript)

    Song ‘Dumka’ (Ch&T 147): Lvov, Słowo Polskie, 1910

    Sostenuto in E- major (Ch&T 223): London, Francis, Day & Hunter, 1955

    Variations in A major – ‘Souvenir de Paganini’ (Ch&T 229): Warsaw, Echo Muzyczne, 1881

    Variations in D major (Ch&T 228): Warsaw/Cracow, PWM, 1965

    Variations in E major (Ch&T, pp. 250251): New York, International Music Company, 1960

    Waltz in A- major (Ch&T 221): Leipzig, B&H, 1902

    Waltz in E- major (Ch&T, pp. 246247): Leipzig, B&H, 1902

    Waltz in F# minor (Ch&T, p. 250): New York, Schroeder & Gunter, 1932