Dating the Polish editions

Documentary evidence concerning the publication of the Polish first editions is basically limited to press advertisements and the composer’s correspondence. A single source – Pamiętnik Warszawski – announced the release of the Polonaise in G minor, while the publication of one of the mazurkas lithographed in Warsaw (see MazG–1-KOL) was mentioned in a letter from Chopin to Jan Białobłocki.[1] As for the Rondos Opp. 1 & 5, the proposed dates come from the Kurjer Warszawski. Other Polish Chopin editions were advertised in the Leipzig periodical Musikalisch-literarischer Monatsbericht, from which one can also glean the publication dates of the Deux Valses Mélancoliques (see 70/2&69/2–1-WI) and the second Polish editions of the Deux Mazurkas (see MazG&B-–1-FR) and the Waltz in E major (see WaltzE–1-CHA).

Different release dates have been proposed for the Songs Op. 74 as follows: 1/1859 (Chomiński and Turło 1990), 9/1859 (GW, No. 238) and 1/1860 (MlM). The first of these, which evidently was based on the printed date below Fontana’s preface in 74–1-G and 74–1a-G, preceded the edition’s actual release, whereas the date in MlM followed it. In fact, Fontana’s letter of 9 November 1859 from Paris to Gebethner in Warsaw, noting receipt of the Polish edition of Op. 74 a few days before, confirms the date given by the Gazeta Warszawska.[2] The dates of all other Polish editions derive from those cited by Chomiński and Turło.

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[2] See Hoesick 1912: 439–441.