The German States

The Chopin first editions published in Vienna (Austria), Leipzig (Saxony), Berlin (Prussia), Mainz (Grand Duchy of Hesse and by Rhine) and Hamburg (a free city during this period) constitute the largest proportion of scores in this catalogue. They are well represented in most European and American collections apart from the BnF, which has only four such scores. Chopin’s principal publisher in the German states was Breitkopf & Härtel, followed by A. M. Schlesinger and then Kistner (with thirteen and eight editions respectively); the other publishers listed in Table 8 dealt with Chopin on a more marginal basis. In addition to the usual patterns of succession within a given country, one notes the transfer of the Austrian publications to such German firms as Lienau (Berlin) and Cranz (Hamburg). (See Table 9.) The appointment in 1860 of Julius Friedländer as the head of C. F. Peters explains the change in the designated publisher on the TP of Chopin’s Op. 59 (compare 59–2-F and 59–2a-PE). A single work by Chopin – Rondo Op. 1 – was brought out by two firms, A. M. Schlesinger and Hofmeister.