Publications of Schuberth

A vast amount of source material exists for the one Chopin edition brought out by this publisher – the Tarantella Op. 43.[1] Two different engravings were produced, and each was revised several times. A review published in the AmZ of 9 February 1842 referred to a number of errors and thus inspired the first phase of correction (see 43–1a-SCHU). Further improvements to the first edition were effected by Schuberth in three subsequent stages, the last of which was carried out by an editor whose name appears on the TP (see 43–1g-SCHU). Still dissatisfied, Schuberth then enlisted the aid of Hans von Bülow,[2] who corrected a late impression of the second edition (see 43–2b-SCHU).

The title pages of both editions of the Tarantella changed considerably over time. Of the four versions that have been identified, three experienced multiple transformations which are fully detailed under the relevant catalogue entries. Colour was used for one version. Another more original feature is the decorative border surrounding the music text. Lithographic transfer was used for later reprints of the first edition and for the full range of second-edition impressions. All of the reprints after 43–1d-SCHU contain an unauthorised addition attributable to Schuberth, i.e. the name of an inauthentic dedicatee.

[1] Frequent reference is made to this composition in the 1841 correspondence, most notably in Chopin’s letter to Schuberth of 29 July 1841 (KFC 1955: ii/340), in which he requested the correction of two mistakes made by the copyist of his manuscript.

[2] Von Bülow also prepared other Chopin editions, notably the volumes of impromptus and etudes published by J. Aibl during the 1880s.