None of the Polish editions published during Chopin’s lifetime bears a sale price; one of them was brought out anonymously (see MazG–1-KOL). As for the Polish scores released after 1849, TP content and design evolved along the lines of the various changes described elsewhere under ‘Title pages’. The names of Austrian and Prussian sales agents were added to the TP of the second impression of the Deux Valses Mélancoliques; the Austrian concessionaire was then modified in the third impression (compare 70/2&69/2–1b-WI and 70/2&69/2–1c-WI). A German translation of the two song titles was added to the TP of the second impressions of Wojak and Źyczenie, which constitute the only example within this catalogue of Polish Chopin editions with a common title page (see 74/10–1a-KO, 74/1–1a-KO). Gebethner’s volume of the Songs Op. 74 appeared with both an ITP (see 74–1-G, 74–1a-G, 74–1c-G) and a STP (74–1d-G). The reprint of this work in separate editions features a STP (see 74–1b-G, 74–1e-G; compare also 74–1d-G), likewise most of Kaufmann’s publications (see MazC–1-K, PolG#m–1a-K, WaltzEm–1-K, WaltzEm–1a-K, WaltzEm–1a*-K, WaltzEm–1b-K).