In Year 1, the technical team at CCH established standards and methods using nominated library collections for benchmark definition. The team carried out technical consultations in Chicago, while Dr Grabowski visited various collections to examine materials prior to digitisation. Scanning commenced at several libraries. Dr Grabowski began the analysis while Dr Stefanou proceeded with library orders, mark-up and XML text conversion. Years 2 and 3 involved further scanning, mark-up, text preparation/conversion and analysis of the editions, as well as the development of an extensive database. The final six months of the project were spent finalising the metadata, refining and testing the interface design, and disseminating the results of the project.

The revisions in 2015 involved a fundamental redesign of the site, with significant structural changes as well as a wholly new display mechanism. There is greater simplicity on the one hand, coupled with an expanded body of metadata. Users are also able to interlink with OCVE and ACO much more easily than before.