Sigla of publishers

The following is a partial list of the publishers of Chopin’s music; full details are provided in the Annotated Catalogue of Chopin’s First Editions, from which the sigla below have been derived. The latter form part of the edition/impression codes assigned to individual scores and thus are found in work overviews, witness overviews and elsewhere in OCVE.

Siglum Name of firm as found on select Chopin TPs/wrappers/covers Abbreviated form also used in Annotated Catalogue Location of firm
Ae Edwin Ashdown Limited Edwin Ashdown, E. Ashdown London
A&P Ashdown & Parry London
B&B Ed. Bote & G. Bock Bote & Bock Berlin
B&H Breitkopf & Härtel B&H Leipzig
BR Brandus et Cie Brandus Paris
BR&D G. Brandus et S. Dufour Brandus et Dufour Paris
BRD&C G. Brandus, Dufour et Cie Brandus, Dufour et Cie Paris
BRg G. Brandus et Cie G. Brandus Paris
BRZ A. Brzezina Brzezina Warsaw
C Ad. Catelin et Cie Catelin Paris
CH Chabal Paris
CHA W. Chaberski Chaberski Cracow
CHAP Chappell & Co. Chappell London
CHR J. Chrząszcz Chrząszcz Zytomir
CO Lamborn Cock & Co. Lamborn Cock, L. Cock London
COC Robert Cocks & Co. Robert Cocks, R. Cocks London
COM Compagnie Musicale Paris
CR Cramer & Co. London
CRA&B Cramer, Addison & Beale London
CRA&B/M Cramer, Addison & Beale/R. Mills London
CRB Cramer, Beale & Co.
CRB/M Cramer, Beale & Co./R. Mills Cramer/Mills London

Cramer, Beale & Wood

CR/M Cramer & Co./R. Mills Cramer/Mills London
CY J. (sic) Cybulski Cybulski Warsaw
E Escudier frères (La France Musicale) Escudier frères Paris
EW J. J. Ewer & Co. Ewer London
F Jules (Julius) Friedländer
Friedländer Berlin
FR R. Friedlein Friedlein Warsaw
G Gustaw Gebethner i Spółka Gebethner Warsaw
GE E. Gérard et Cie Gérard Paris
H J. Hamelle Hamelle Paris
HAc Charles (Carl) Haslinger C. Haslinger Vienna
HAt Tobie (Tobias) Haslinger T. Haslinger Vienna
HO Friedrich (Frédéric) Hofmeister
Hofmeister Leipzig
J C. Joubert Joubert Paris
K Joseph (Josef) Kaufmann Kaufmann Warsaw
KI Fr. Kistner Kistner Leipzig
KO Ant. Kocipiński Kocipiński Kiev
KOL [Wilhelm Kolberg] (see Table 17 in Historical overview) Kolberg Warsaw
L M. Leitgeber i Spółka Leitgeber Poznań
LE Henry Lemoine Lemoine Paris
LW Stanley Lucas, Weber & Co. Lucas, Weber & Co. London
M Ph. Maquet Maquet Paris

J. Maho

ME Pietro Mechetti
Mechetti Vienna
MEIf J. Meissonnier fils Paris
MEIj J. Meissonnier Paris
P Pacini Paris
PE C. F. Peters, Bureau de Musique Peters Leipzig
PL Ignace Pleyel et Cie Pleyel Paris

Carlo Pozzi

Pozzi Mendrisio
PR Prilipp et Cie Prilipp Paris
R S. Richault Richault Paris
RI Jean Ricordi
Ricordi Milan
Sam Ad. Mt. Schlesinger/Schlesinger (R. Lienau) A. M. Schlesinger/Schlesinger (Lienau) Berlin
SC Schonenberger Paris
SCH chez les fils de B. Schott (i.e. B. Schott’s Sohne) Schott Mainz
SCHU Schuberth & Comp. Schuberth Hamburg
Sm Maurice Schlesinger M. Schlesinger Paris
ST Stern & Cie Stern Berlin
TM Towarzystwo Muzyczne Lviv
TR E. Troupenas & Cie Troupenas Paris
W Wessel & Co. Wessel London
WE Weekes & Co. London
WI I. (sic) Wildt Wildt Cracow
W&S Wessel & Stapleton London