Abbreviated descriptions

As noted in Wrappers and covers under ‘General characteristics of Chopin’s first editions’ in ‘Historical overview’ (see especially note 8), some of the wrappers of reprints in the ‘EO’ series published by G. Brandus et S. Dufour and their successors have a version of the STP on their front page different from that on the title page itself. To avoid repeating the entire headline (ÉDITION ORIGINALE|OEUVRES COMPLÈTES POUR LE PIANO|DE|FRÉDÉRIC CHOPIN) an abbre­viated form thereof is used, followed by details of the relevant version of the STP (e.g. 11–1e-BRg, 20–1b-BR). 

Successive catalogue entries make use of abbreviated titles of STPs and publishers’ advertisements which reproduce the first lines of their respective headings (e.g. STP: 15–2f-B&H and 15–2g-B&H, 34/1–1b-BR and 34/1–1c-BR, 41–1-W and 41–1a-W; advt: 15–2g-B&H (A-Wgm and PL-Wbfc copies), 41–1-W). This makes the text more readable without expanding it unduly. Note that complete descriptions of the respective STPs/advertisements appear in Appen­dices I & II.