External and internal links

In the online version of the catalogue, internal  links are provided to other areas of the ACO resource or to external sites, in the latter case enabling comparison of the descriptions in ACO with the original material on which they are based. Such links are generally indicated by green lettering, although external links within PDF-based catalogue entries appear in blue and are underlined. 

External links

Such links are provided to digital images of the scores detailed in this catalogue which are available on the websites of the Bibliothèque nationale de France (i.e. F-Pn; see e.g. 8–1-KI), Biblioteka Narodowa (i.e. PL-Wn; see e.g. 1–1-BRZ), Regenstein Library (i.e. US-Cu; see e.g. 1–1a-Sam) and other institutions, as well as in the following resources: Chopin’s First Editions Online (CFEO; e.g. 1–1-Sam), Online Chopin Variorum Edition (OCVE), and mUltimate Chopin (e.g. 29–1a-Sm (second F-Pn copy)).

Some of the links provided in Appendices I & II lead directly to digital images which will help either to identify STPs which exist in multiple versions distinguished only by minuscule differences (e.g. Appendix I: ŒUVRES POSTHUMES|POUR|PIANO|DE|FRÉD. CHOPIN, published by J. Meissonnier fils → Compagnie Musicale → Gérard et Cie), or to make sense of complex cases such as Breitkopf & Härtel’s catalogues, for which numerous versions beginning ‘Publications nouvelles…’ appear in Appendix II.

Because each of the works catalogued under MazG,B-–1-FR and MazD,B-,G,Lento–1-L is presented separately in CFEO and OCVE, the links to these codes in ACO are not exhaustive. See CFEO and OCVE for full details of the available printed sources of the constituent works.

Internal links

The principal aim of such links is to enable rapid navigation to other parts of the catalogue and thereby to facilitate consultation of descriptions or explanations provided elsewhere. The following are typical examples:

  • the links provided under 1–1b-Sam and 1–1c-Sam lead to the part of Appendix I containing the complete description of the STP ŒUVRES DE PIANO|DE|FRÉD. CHOPIN;

  • the link under Comments in the entry for 63–1-BR leads to the part of the ‘Historical overview’ providing detailed information about the stamp of the dépôt légal. 

Internal links are also given to digital images of a few title pages which are not reproduced on any known external web­site but which users would nevertheless find it useful to consult. These reproductions are provided in Appendix V (see e.g. ++HEX–1-CRA&B/M). 

Internal links are most abundant between the main body of the catalogue and Appendices I, II, & V, as well as the two sections under ‘Background’; the latter sections also contain a number of links to other areas of the website. There are no links within Appendix III.