Work overviews

An overview of each work in the OCVE resource is provided by clicking on the notebook symbol to the right of the work title. The overview provides information about the manuscript and printed sources for the work(s) in question, identifying known or conjectural relationships between them (e.g. a given manuscript may have served as the Stichvorlage of one of the first editions in OCVE; alternatively, another source may be a later impression of an earlier print. Abbreviations are given to these sources as relevant, e.g. ‘A’ for an autograph manuscript, and F1, F2 and F3 for a range of impressions of the French first edition. For full details see Witness overviews.

Further information about the various genres and Chopin’s oeuvre as a whole can be found in many publications listed in the Bibliography, especially Belotti 1997, Eigeldinger 2006, Kallberg 1996, Niecks [1888] R1902, Rink 1997 and 2013, and Samson 1985 and 1996. Reference should also be made to Chopin’s correspondence, available in Polish (KFC 1955), French (CFC 1981) and English (Chopin 1962).