Bar view


The bar view is the main workspace of OCVE.  From this page you can interrogate individual bars and bar ranges of a work across a wide array of sources.



'Back to page view' will return you to the last page viewed.  The arrows in the top bar move to the previous and next bar in sequence in an edition.  

Selecting bars to display

By default the bar view displays every source for which the selected bar is available.  To remove bars from the view, click on the X in an individual bar, or click "select sources" and uncheck any sources you do not wish to view.

To view a range of bars, click 'bar range' in the top bar.  You may view up to four bars on a page at once.  The range will move across systems, but not across pages. e.g. if you select 4 bars, and only three bars remain on the page, you will see only three, not three and the first bar of the next page.

Moving the bars

The bar images can all be moved into whatever position you like.  Click on any image and hold to drag it to another point on the page.  The bar positions are remembered by default and will remain in the places you've dragged them.  To return the page to the beginning, press "reset bars" at the top.


The bar tools

 The magnifying glass displays a large view of the bar.

The page will open the bar's page.

Click the + to add this bar to one of your collections.


The Workspace (only available if logged in)

Selecting the Workspace from the top bar will bring up your collections at the bottom of the page.  You can browse your current collections, edit their title and contents, as well as creating new ones.  Click on the red arrow to view your collection in the main window.