Notes view

 The annotation view displays any bar-level commentary by the project, as well as public notes made by other users of OCVE.  If you have registered and logged in, you can make annotations of your own to pages, for private use or public consumption.


Open this tab to display commentary from the project on specific bars.  Hovering over the bar badges will highlight the relevant bar.

 To view all comments on the page, select “Toggle commentary on the image.”



These are notes added by OCVE user.  Notes come in two types:  notes attached to bars, like the commentaries, and notes attached to shapes drawn by the user.  For the latter, mousing over the note text will make the shape appear on the page.

 To view all comments on the page, select “Toggle notes on the image.”


Annotation tools

 If you have logged in, you may create notes of your own.


Note shape

 To begin, select the type of note shape you would like from the annotation tools.

 Attach bars will attach a note to one of the bars already defined in the project, such as bar 34.  Selecting this option will display all the bars on a page. Click on each of the bars that you would like to attach your note to. 

 The other two options create a custom shape drawn on the page, either a square or a circle.  After selecting which shape you would like to draw, move your cursor to the image window.  The shape is drawn by holding down the left mouse button and dragging to draw.  In the case of the square, the starting point is the top left point of the rectangle you’re drawing.  For a circle the starting point is the centre.


 Note text

Add your note text here.  You may use basic html tags such as <strong>,<em> and <sup> for bold, italics and superscript respectively.

 By default, your note is set to be private.  If you would like to make it public, click on visibility and change the selection to public.


When you are finished, click ‘Save’ to save your note.