Browsing the Editions

The browse window is your main point of contact with the corpus of OCVE. From this page, you can find all the sources in the project, view a preview of their pages, and learn relevant information about them and their works.

There are four options for filtering the OCVE sources:

  • Work: The opus of the source
  • Genre: Mazurka, Nocturnes, etc.
  • Publisher: The publisher for all printed sources
  • Source Type: Sources that have been printed, or those that are manuscripts.

Selected filters appear above the returned sources. To remove a single filter, click X inside it. To remove all filters and start again, click the arrow . Your current filter choices will be remembered if you close the page and return.

Clicking on any of these choices will not only display sources in the main window, it will change the available filtering choices. As an example, if you selecting "Ashdown & Parry" as the publisher, only the opuses that Ashdown & Parry published will then be available under "Work" rather than the complete set.

The sources relevant to your filters are listed in the main window, ordered by work. Clicking a book icon next to any work will display the information about the work as a whole.

The sources are labelled with a short description plus the annotated catalogue code. There are two icons on the right: the link  will appear if this source is available in the Annotated Catalogue. The icon displays a popup with information about this source, such as full title, publisher, plate number.

Clicking the name will display thumbnails of all pages in this source. Flags above the pages denote the separate sections of the edition, such as movement and number. Click on any page to view it in full.

Note: OCVE is focused on the music of Chopin's sources. As such, the non-musical pages of a edition, such as blanks and advertisements, will not be displayed here. The complete page list for a source is available in CFEO.