Working with a page

Use this page to view an individual page of an edition up close, and find a bar of music you're looking for.


Along the top bar are tools for navigation around the edition to which this page belongs.  The current page and its information is displayed here.

  • 'Back to results' returns you to the main browser window and your last search.  
  • Click on the red annotated catalogue code to display information about the source.
  • The arrows move you to the previous and next pages of the edition.
  • If you want to jump to a specific page in the edition, select it from the "Jump to page" dropdown.
  • Click on 'Annotations' to view any notes for this page, and enter annotation  mode to add your own.

The image window

The controls in the top left to pan and zoom the image.

Move your mouse over the page.  The individual bars will appear in red as the mouse hovers over them.  Clicking on any bar will display it in bar view.