Caption title (CT)

Located at the top of the first page of music text, caption titles present the most essential information from the TP such as the composer’s name, the title of the work and the opus number. In certain Wessel scores, the caption title also includes the name attributed to the piece by the publisher, the number of the work within the series to which it belongs, the number of the ‘book’ and the dedicatee. In the CTs of three impressions an arranger’s name appears (3–1b-BR, 8–1a-W, 65–1f-B&H), while in 1–1-W there is the indication ‘Nouvelle édition corrigée’. The CTs of three English editions refer to their respective editor (see 5–1-W, 10/1-6–1-W, 10/7-12–1-W, 11–1-W). Analogous caption titles can also be found within the body of many editions, namely at the top of the first page of music text of either the constituent works in a given opus or individual movements or sections in a single piece (e.g. 13–1-Sm, 13–1-KI, 15–2-B&H, 17–2-B&H). In the latter case they some­times appear in the middle of the page, at the start of a new section (e.g. 13–1-W). 

A limited number of editions lack a CT altogether, among them 1–1-BRZ, 2–1-HAt, 5–1-BRZ, 27–1-B&H, 43–1-SCHU and PolGm–1-CY.