This section details the changes made within a given impression compared with those preceding it, apart from modifica­tions to the music text (which are identified in a separate field described under ‘Distinguishing Musical Feature(s) (DMF)’). Otherwise, attention is directed to every score component ranging from title page to footlines (e.g. 1–1a-Sam, 1–1d-HO, 1–1b-A&P, 22/Andante Spianato–1b-W, HEX–1c-Sam), although we do not refer to the replacement of an ITP by a STP given that such a change can be inferred from the ‘Contents’ field and also by the use of the term ‘Titelauflage’ under ‘Comments’. Similarly, because comparison of the ‘Contents’ fields provided for successive impressions of the same edition allows one easily to grasp both the nature of any changes in its structure (compare for example 1–1-Sm and 1–1b-BR, 2–1-Hat and 2–1b-HAt, 35–0-TR and 35–1-TR) and how the constituent elements in one or more versions of a format containing an identical number of leaves have been reconfigured (e.g. 11–1a-Sm and 11–1f-BR; 16–1a-W, 16–1b-W and 16–1d-A&P), we do not pro­vide details of such modifications, instead simply indicating the presence of a new format or version. In cases where a previous format is used again, however, a cross-reference is provided to the earlier impression which is identical in struc­ture (e.g. 2–1c-HAt, 2–2b-Sam, 6–1c-BR).