Half-title (HT)

Certain Chopin editions – especially those containing lengthy works or published as volumes – possess half-titles which offer a concise summary of the information on the principal title page (e.g. 64–1-B&H, 64–2-B&H, MM–1a-CHAP) or introduce one of the works or consecutive sections within a volume (Posth–1-MEIf, Posth–1a-COM, Posth–1b-GE, Posth–1-Sam, MM–1-Sm). Half-titles also appear on the front pages of many wrappers (see e.g. the French editions of Opp. 9, 18, 28, 34, 44–49, 52–58 & 66–73; the German edi­tions of Opp. 52–54, 57, 58, 60–73, and Polonaises in G- major and G# minor; and the Polish editions of the Polonaise in G# minor).